35+ Best Black History Month Activities & Free Printables (2024)

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After studying the life of Martin Luther King Jr in January we wanted to dive deeper into Black History Month activities for February.

These holiday activities for kids are a great way to learn all about the importance of Black History Month.

Black History Month was first celebrated across America in 1976. It is also called National African American History Month.

I have put together over 35 resources that we will be using in our homeschool in February to educate ourselves better.

These black history month activities can be used either in school or in your homeschool.

35+ Best Black History Month Activities & Free Printables (1)

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Free Black History Month worksheets

Elevate your Black History Month curriculum for students in grades 4-8 with these diverse range of Black History Month printable activities:

  • Challenge your students with a free word search activity that introduces key figures and concepts in Black history through the Black History word search.
  • Sharpen their minds with a fun Black History Month word scramble.
  • Explore the contributions of black female scientists like Mae Jemison, Alexa Canady, and Marie M. Daly through our Women’s History Month coloring pages.
  • Celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr with a Martin Luther King Jr word search puzzle.
  • The free printable Martin Luther King Jr facts provide an educational coloring activity for kids, enriching their knowledge about his life and impact on American history.
  • Educate students about Juneteenth with engaging word scrambles and coloring pages in the Juneteenth word scramble and Juneteenth coloring pages.
  • Engage young learners with a variety of educational activities that revolve around the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr in the Martin Luther King activities for kid’s.
  • Foster creativity and research skills with a Black History Month | Biographical Project, a notebooking project specially designed for 4th – 8th grade.
  • Make history come alive through the FlocabularyCivil Rights Movementlesson plan, featuring songs and videos that cover the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Test students’ knowledge with a Black History free quiz printable that delves into the rich history of African Americans.
  • Access a wealth of free resources for educators catering to elementary and middle school students with the African American History for teachers resources.
  • Discover valuable educational resources from the National Education Association for Black History Month.
  • Explore additional resources on Quizlet to support your Black History Month curriculum.
  • Embrace the opportunity to celebrate and learn about and celebrate African American heritage.
  • Gain a comprehensive view of the historical timeline and access various educational resources.
  • Dive into African American history through literature based Unit studies.
  • Find a collection of worksheets at Education.com to enrich your Black History Month curriculum.
  • Decorate your classroom with inspiring posters featuring famous Black scientists.
  • Explore the “firsts” achieved by African Americans with these informative printables in the Black History Month Famous First Printables activity.
  • Learn about the life and work of George Washington Carver through an interactive coloring and activity book.
  • Inspire creativity and education with a coloring book highlighting prominent African American figures.



Black History Month activity ideas

Here are some fun and educational Black History Month activity ideas for kids that can be enjoyed both inside and outside the classroom:

Encourage kids to choose a famous Black figure to learn about. They can create a presentation or poster of what they have learned.

Create a timeline featuring key events and figures in Black history.

Explore the rich culinary traditions of African and African American cuisine by cooking a meal together as a family. Try making dishes like jerk chicken, gumbo, or cornbread and discuss their cultural significance.

35+ Best Black History Month Activities & Free Printables (3)

Listen to music by Black artists as a family. You can explore various genres and discuss the historical and cultural context of the songs you listen to.

Visit museums, cultural centers, or local events that celebrate Black History Month. It’s a great way for kids to experience history in a fun and interactive way.

Start a book club and read age-appropriate books by Black authors or about Black history. After reading, have discussions to share insights and reflections.

Explore art projects inspired by famous Black artists. Create your own masterpieces in the style of Romare Bearden, Faith Ringgold, or Alma Thomas. Read Black Artists Shaping the World for more inspiration.

Learn and perform traditional African dances such as stepping.

Watch age-appropriate movies that highlight the contributions and achievements of Black individuals in various fields. Discuss the stories and the lessons they teach. Such as Soul for younger children, or Self Made for older kids.

These activities not only educate children about the significance of Black History Month but also encourage them to celebrate diversity and appreciate the contributions of Black individuals to our society.

Younger kids will enjoy these Black History writing prompts for kindergarten

Black History Month inventor’s activities

Explore a captivating array of educational activities and resources centered around Black History Month and the contributions of black inventors:

  1. Engage students in a creative learning experience by providing them with black inventors coloring pages.
  2. Delve deeper into the history of black scientists and inventors with comprehensive timelines that highlight the achievements of the most prominent figures in the field. These timelines offer a chronological perspective on the groundbreaking innovations and contributions made by black inventors throughout history.
  3. K12 Readers has curated a wealth of free educational resources tailored specifically for elementary grade students. These resources cover a wide range of topics related to Black History Month and black inventors, providing an accessible and informative platform for young learners.
  4. Explore a collection of educational materials and resources on African American inventors, sourced from Education.com.

Black History Month books for kids

Immerse yourself in the rich and inspiring world of Black history with these carefully selected kid’s books tailored for in-depth exploration:

Black Heroes. This captivating book takes young readers on a journey through time, introducing 51 remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on history, from ancient Africa to contemporary America. It provides an engaging and educational narrative of their accomplishments and contributions.

Timelines from Black History. Dive into the timelines of black history and discover the leaders, legends, and legacies that have shaped our world. This book offers a chronological perspective, tracing the significant milestones and achievements of Black individuals throughout history, making it an invaluable resource for understanding the broader context.

The ABCs of Black History. Through the alphabet, this book offers an engaging way for young readers to learn about key figures and events in Black history. It uses a creative approach, with each letter representing a person, place, or concept that has played a vital role in the history of African Americans.

Black Inventors. Delve into the world of innovation and discover 15 groundbreaking inventions by Black inventors that have had a profound impact on society. This book not only highlights their contributions but also showcases the importance of diversity in the world of invention and innovation.

You will also enjoy these free printable black history bookmarks!

Black History Month videos for kids

Introduce kids to the world of Black History Month through engaging videos designed to captivate visual learners and make learning more exciting. Videos bring history to life by showing important people and events in action. Making it easier for kids to understand and remember.

From stories of courageous figures like Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman to the vibrant Harlem Renaissance. These videos provide a colorful window into the past, making history both fun and educational.

Please let me know what Black History Month activities you have planned.

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35+ Best Black History Month Activities & Free Printables (2024)
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