56 Black History Month Writing Activities Educators Will Love (2024)

As we immerse ourselves in the vibrant tapestry of Black History Month, it’s not just a celebration; it’s a profound acknowledgment of the resilience, creativity, and indomitable spirit of African Americans.

For me, a Black woman navigating the intricate narrative of life in the United States, this month holds a special place – a time to not only reflect on where we come from but to weave our stories into the fabric of the present and set our aspirations for the future.

Black History Month is not merely an isolated celebration; it’s intertwined with Juneteenth, collectively reminding us of the journey we’ve undertaken and the strides we still aspire to make. Yet, in the face of erasure attempts, it becomes imperative to safeguard our history, for Black history is American history.

Join us in this exploration, an odyssey through 55 creatively curated Black History Month writing activities, adaptable to homes, communities, and classrooms alike. Let these activities be a testament to the richness of our shared heritage, fostering a deeper understanding of the narratives that shape our nation.

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Black History Month Activities

56 Black History Month Writing Activities Educators Will Love (1)

1.Rosa Parks’ Diary Entries: Step into Rosa Parks’ shoes and pen diary entries capturing the emotions and thoughts during pivotal moments, such as that courageous bus ride in Montgomery that ignited the spark of the Civil Rights Movement.

2. African Americans in Fiction: Encourage creative writing by having students craft short stories featuring African American protagonists in various settings, portraying moments of triumph and resilience.

3. Martin Luther King Jr. Speech Redraft: Challenge students to reimagine and rewrite a famous Martin Luther King Jr. speech in a contemporary context, emphasizing how his words remain relevant today.

4. Harriet Tubman’s Adventure Tale: Transform Harriet Tubman’s life into an adventurous narrative, incorporating elements of courage and resilience, highlighting her pivotal role in the Underground Railroad.

5. Enhancing Writing Skills Through Historical Debates: Facilitate debates on critical aspects of the Civil Rights Movement, honing students’ writing and argumentation skills, and exploring key moments in history.

6. United States Through the Eyes of Black Historical Figures: Prompt students to write essays portraying the United States from the perspective of prominent Black historical figures, shedding light on their unique viewpoints during crucial periods.

7. American History Time Capsule: Create time capsules with written artifacts representing pivotal moments in African American history, encapsulating the essence of significant events.

8. Exploring Civil Rights Movement Poetry: Delve into the world of poetry, with students composing pieces inspired by the themes of the Civil Rights Movement, capturing the emotions of transformative moments.

9. Jackie Robinson’s Letter to the Future: Imagine Jackie Robinson writing a letter to future generations, addressing the progress and challenges in racial equality, marking a pivotal era in sports history.

10. Ruby Bridges’ Classroom Journal: Transport yourself back in time and imagine being a student entering an unfamiliar school, echoing the courage of Ruby Bridges.

Share your emotions, challenges, and hopes as you navigate this historic moment, exploring the transformative power of education and unity in just a few compelling sentences.

11. George Washington Carver’s Science Fiction: Merge science and creative writing by having students craft speculative fiction inspired by George Washington Carver’s innovations, exploring moments of scientific breakthroughs.

Writing Activities for the Month of February

12. Black Authors Book Review: oster critical thinking by having students read and review books by Black authors, exploring themes and styles that have been pivotal in shaping literature.

13. Black Americans: A Living Timeline: Construct a living timeline within the classroom, with students embodying different Black Americans at various historical junctures, depicting pivotal moments in their lives.

14.The Movement in Haiku: Condense the essence of the Black Lives Matter movement into poignant haikus, exploring brevity and impact during significant contemporary moments.

15. Portrait of Black People in Art: Inspire artful writing by having students describe and interpret portraits of Black people in various artistic mediums, highlighting pivotal cultural expressions.

16. High School Through Time Travel: Craft narratives where high school students time-travel to different eras, witnessing and documenting Black history unfold, exploring pivotal moments in education and social progress.

17. Journey Through the Underground Railroad: : Develop a choose-your-own-adventure story centered around the Underground Railroad, incorporating historical accuracy and important decision points.

18. Maya Angelou-Inspired Letter to Self: Write letters to a future self, drawing inspiration from the resilience and wisdom of Maya Angelou’s writings, capturing pivotal moments of personal growth.

19. A Great Way to Explore Harlem Renaissance Music: Engage with the Harlem Renaissance through writing about the impact of music on the cultural movement, spotlighting key contributions from musicians.

20. Black History Month Writing Prompts Jar: Create a prompts jar, allowing students to randomly select topics that prompt reflections and creative responses, touching upon a variety of significant themes.

21. Craft Options for Historical Narratives: Develop creative craft activities to complement historical narratives, enhancing the visual storytelling experience and providing a hands-on approach to crucial instances.

22. Expressive Creative Writing Workshop: Conduct a workshop where participants engage in expressive and uninhibited creative writing inspired by Black history, exploring significant junctures through unique perspectives.

56 Black History Month Writing Activities Educators Will Love (2)

BHM Interactive Notebook Ideas

23. Black History Sheets: Design coloring sheets depicting historical scenes, accompanied by brief narratives explaining their significance, making art an accessible gateway to pivotal moments.

24.Then and Now February Reflections: Reflect on the changes and constants in African American life by comparing historical and contemporary experiences in February, highlighting shifts and ongoing struggles.

25. Harlem Renaissance Podcast Script: Develop podcast scripts that transport listeners to the Harlem Renaissance, exploring its cultural richness and highlighting significant moments in arts and literature.

26. Short Stories on Oprah Winfrey’s Impact: Explore the multifaceted impact of Oprah Winfrey through short stories that capture various dimensions of her influence, emphasizing significant moments in media and philanthropy.

27. Frederick Douglass’ Autobiographical Play: Adapt Frederick Douglass’ autobiography into a play, emphasizing key themes and moments, bringing significant historical narratives to the stage.

28. Common Core Reflection Essays: Challenge students to reflect on how the principles of Common Core align with the values and lessons from

29. Hidden Figures Film Analysis: Encourage critical thinking by having students analyze the film “Hidden Figures” and write essays on its historical and cultural significance, unpacking significant moments in space exploration , racial and gender equality.

30. Seizing a Great Opportunity: Writing Personal Visions: Prompt students to articulate their personal visions for a future where equality and justice prevail, envisioning significant societal transformations.

31. Black History Month Writing Contest Submissions: Create a space for students to submit their work to a Black History Month writing contest, fostering healthy competition and recognition, acknowledging significant voices in the making.

32. Chronicles of Important Moments in Black History: Write detailed chronicles of important moments in Black history, ensuring a nuanced and thorough exploration, highlighting significant events that shaped the nation.

33. Reading Comprehension Exercises on Michelle Obama’s Memoir: Develop reading comprehension activities centered around Michelle Obama’s memoir, promoting literacy and understanding, exploring significant moments in her life.

Interactive Notebook Ideas for BHM

34. Capturing an Important Figure in a Short Film: Challenge students to create short films that capture the essence and impact of a chosen important figure in Black history, translating significant stories into compelling visual narratives.

35. Incorporating Fun Stuff: Infuse fun into learning with Black history trivia games, promoting engagement and knowledge retention, emphasizing significant facts and personalities.

36. Podcast Episodes Exploring Textual Evidence: Produce podcast episodes delving into historical events and figures, grounded in textual evidence and analysis, illuminating significant moments through compelling storytelling.

37. Descriptive Writing: Cultivate descriptive writing skills by crafting detailed character descriptions of African-descendant persons, capturing significant qualities and nuances.

38. Historical Moments via Social Media: Launch a social media campaign, with students creating content that educates and enlightens on significant historical moments, using technology to share the importance of Black history.

39. Martin Luther King Day Project: Design interactive notebooks specifically for exploring the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., incorporating significant speeches and ideas.

    40. Resource Types for Black History Teaching: Compile a diverse set of resources, from articles to documentaries, for a comprehensive approach to teaching Black history, offering educators and learners access to significant information.

    41. Creative Ways to Explore Black History:Brainstorm and document creative methods for educators and individuals to explore and teach Black history, fostering innovative and engaging approaches to significant narratives.

    42. Small Group Discussions on Most Inspirational Stories: Foster collaborative learning through small group discussions centered around the most inspirational stories in Black history, creating spaces to discuss significant narratives.

    43. Professional Development in Black History Teaching: Develop writing activities for educators, promoting ongoing professional development in teaching Black history, emphasizing the importance of staying informed about significant moments and evolving narratives.

    44. Dear President Obama Letters: Invite students to write letters to former President Barack Obama, expressing their thoughts, questions, or sharing something exciting from their lives. Encourage them to be creative with drawings or colorful decorations to make their letters even more special.

    Free Resource Writing Ideas for Elementary Students

    56 Black History Month Writing Activities Educators Will Love (3)

    44. Crafting a Short Film on African History: Encourage students to craft short films that explore the rich history of Africa, connecting it to the broader narrative of Black history, highlighting significant moments that shaped civilizations.

    45. Poetry Reading Celebrating Black Voices: Organize a poetry reading event celebrating diverse voices within the African American community, showcasing significant perspectives and experiences.

    46. Heroic Figures Coloring Book: Create a coloring book featuring illustrations of Black heroes and heroines from history, accompanied by short descriptions written by the students, highlighting the significance of each figure.

    47. My Dream for a Better World: Prompt students to write and illustrate their dreams for a better, more inclusive world, emphasizing the importance of kindness, understanding, and unity.

    48.Storytime Adventures with Ruby Bridges: Craft short, imaginative stories where elementary students embark on adventures with Ruby Bridges, exploring themes of friendship, bravery, and learning.

    49. George Washington Carver’s Discovery Journal: Encourage students to imagine they are George Washington Carver discovering something new each day and write journal entries describing their exciting discoveries, real or imagined.

    50. Underground Railroad Map: Have students create a map of the Underground Railroad, drawing routes and writing short captions to explain the significance of each stop on the journey to freedom.

    51. My Favorite Black Author: Introduce elementary students to a Black author and have them write a simple book review, sharing what they enjoyed about the author’s work and illustrating a cover for their favorite book.

    52. African Safari Adventure: Inspire creativity by having students write short stories about going on an African safari adventure, incorporating elements of geography, animals, and exploration.

    53. Exploring Black Inventors: Introduce elementary students to Black inventors and their contributions, encouraging them to write short reports on an inventor of their choice, accompanied by drawings.

    54. Black History Month Acrostic Poems: Teach students about acrostic poems and have them create poems using the words “Black History Month,” with each line beginning with one of these letters, expressing thoughts and feelings.

    55. Reflective Essays on the Most Important Thing Learned: Conclude the writing activities with reflective essays, prompting individuals to articulate the most important lessons learned from the exploration of Black history, emphasizing significant insights that resonate personally and collectively.

    56 Black History Month Writing Activities Educators Will Love (2024)
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