Icebreaker by Hannah Grace: No Spoiler Book Review (2024)


If you are a fan of sports romance, then Icebreaker by Hannah Grace is your piece of cake. The steamy, swoon-worthy, and entertaining plots can grip you and make you devour every single page of the book. The funny, entertaining, heart-touching plots are a must-read for hockey or figure skating lovers.

Icebreaker by Hannah Grace: No Spoiler Book Review (1)

This post elaborates book review of this popular contemporary romance book. You can know its basic book specifications, synopsis, and review. Besides, for those who like reading eBooks, a PDF reader – SwifDoo PDF is introduced to view Icebreaker by Hannah Grace in PDF for free.

What Is Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

Before going deep into the book review, the basic book info might be necessary if case you have no idea about the book before.

Icebreaker by Hannah Grace is a sports romance about a figure skater Anastasia and a hockey player Nathan. The book was first published in August 2022 and the total page number is 435. It is TikTok’s latest viral sensation and the first book of the Maple Hill series. As a contemporary love story, Icebreaker is appropriate for readers who are over 15 years old. Some trigger warnings include mental health, disordered eating, and near-death experiences.

Synopsis of Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

For many readers, knowing what is the book about gives you the desire to know more before paying money. Hence, we discuss the synopsis of Icebreaker by Hannah Grace without spoilers in the section.

Anastasia is an ambitious figure skater whose goal is to participate in the Olympic games, and Nathan is the captain of a hockey team who wants to go to the NHL. They attend the same University with totally different personalities. Being a popular person, Nathan is the star of the hockey team, while Anastasia lives like a planner and has no time for distractions.

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However, one of the rinks on campus goes wrong, which forces the figure skating team to share the rink with the hockey team. This raises anxiety from those players and especially upsets Anastasia because the accident ruined her plan. From then on, the paths of the two young people inevitably end up crossing. Though there are ansty moments, they learn how to get along with each other. One day, Anastasia's pair gets hurt and Nathan steps up to help her practice. Then sparks fly….

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Icebreaker by Hannah Grace Book Review

Icebreaker by Hannah Grace isn’t a typical third-act conflict book and the author managed to avoid the miscommunication trope. The twisted plots make you sympathize with those characters. In addition to the two main characters, the author gives unique personalities and problems to other characters. This makes you feel a sense of reality that you are truly surrounded by those boys and girls.

Not just the romance between Anastasia and Nathan, but their loving friends and teammates make you fall in love with their stories. The aspiration, caring, and support shown by these characters send the message of never giving up, even when life is not as ideal as you thought.

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Icebreaker by Hannah Grace: Read It Online/Offline

After reading the summary and book review, you must be curious about this romance book. If you cannot wait to unveil the ups and downs of the storyline, accessing Icebreaker by Hannah Grace in PDF is an optimal choice. Except for purchasing and downloading the PDF book from Amazon and other eBook stores, many other PDF search engines allow you to access the Icebreaker PDF book and read it online for free.

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Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

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This article has detailedly given an all-round introduction to Hannah Grace’s book Icebreaker. If you are hesitant about whether to read it, hope this book review can help you have a good understanding of the book.

Besides, it is convenient to access Icebreaker by Hannah Grace in PDF and read it online or offline for free. For those who need to take notes when reading, give SwifDoo PDF a shot!

Icebreaker by Hannah Grace: No Spoiler Book Review (2024)
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