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When I think of rhyming, I think of Dr. Seuss Books which makes them so much fun for preschoolers to enjoy. Young children will love these Dr Seuss crafts for preschoolers. From a handprint craft to paper plate crafts, these creative ideas are a great way to create your favorite characters from your favorite book.

Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 2nd and to honor that, many schools across the country celebrate Read Across America day or even Read Across America Week. So pick up your favorite Dr. Seuss book and give one of these Dr Seuss preschool crafts a try!

Green Eggs and Ham Crafts

Green Eggs and Ham Art from Play Teach Repeat. Wine cork painting turns these organic shapes into green eggs. What a great idea!

Paper Plate Craft from Glue to My Crafts – A fun activity to go with this famous book.

Process Art Green Eggs craft (source) is a fun way to integrate process art into a great craft! Start by marble painting. Put a piece of construction paper in a box with a few squirts of green paint. Put a handful of marbles or a couple of golf balls in the box and have each child move the box back and forth to move the marbles through the paint. If you have a big box, two children could work together by standing on each side of the box and coordinating their movements. Once the paint is dry, cut organic circular shapes and paste a green circle in the middle.

The Cat in the Hat Crafts

Patterning Strips of paper into a hat from Wild and Fun in PreK is a fun Cat in the Hat craft for young children.

Cute Cat in the Hat Dot Marker Page from Miss Joleen’s Fabulous Friends is an easy craft to use dot markers, wine corks, or cotton balls to fill the circles.

Making Thing 1 and Thing 2 Puppets from Creative Family Fun is a simple Dr. Seuss craft that kids will love!

Adorable Cat in the Hat Paper Plate Craft with Printable Template from About a Mom

The Lorax Crafts

This Lorax Mask Craft from Creative Homelife is perfect for children to pretend to be The Lorax. This Lorax paper plate craft is fun craft for preschoolers to make.

The Lorax Paper Bag Craft from The Relaxed Homeschool. Make paper bag puppets to retell the story or make up your own story.

Handprint Lorax Craft from Detail Oriented Diva is a cute craft to remember those small handprints.

Make your own Truffula Trees with this Truffula Tree Painting from Masshole Mommy. Using a fork, paint, and straws you can create your own truffula forest.

Lorax Coffee Filter Art from Little Bins for Little Hands – I love that this craft is all about the process and experimenting.

Tissue Paper Truffula Trees from About a Mom – Crumpling tissue paper is great for little hands and squeezing the glue bottle strengthens the muscles that are needed for writing. Truffula trees are one of the most recognizable images from the world of Dr. Seuss!

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Crafts

Cupcake Liner Fish Craft from Kindergarten Connection – I love crafts that use simple materials and this one is adorable!

Handprint Fish Puppets from The Resourceful Mama are a simple way to extend this story. They can use them to retell the story.

Fish Paper Plate Crafts from She Saved is a simple craft that every child will love!

Free Dr. Seuss Fish Printables from Free Preschool Printables.

Other Fun Dr. Seuss Crafts

Foot Painting to go with The Foot Book at Stir the Wonder

Put Me in the Zoo Craft from ABCs of Literacy

Fox in Sox inspired fox paper plate craft at Glued to My Crafts

There’s a Wocket in My Pocket Craft from Book Nerd Mommy

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Blow Painting from I Heart Craft Things

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Origami Bookmarks (for older children) from Red Ted Art

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Handprint Painting from Must Have Mom

Printable Dr. Seuss hats and printable bookmarks from Simple Everyday Mom (must sign up for newsletter)

Have a Dr. Seuss party and celebrate your favorite Dr. Seuss character from Mom Endeavors

Fox in Sox Sock Puppet from Jdaniel4’s Mom

Cat in the Hat Slime from Mom Luck

Lorax Toilet Paper Roll Craft from Crafty Morning

Trufulla Tree Pencils from Tip Junkie

Dr. Seuss Facts for Kids

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So many fun and educational ways that you can extend these popular children’s books!

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Now, let's discuss the concepts mentioned in this article:

Dr. Seuss Crafts for Preschoolers

Dr. Seuss crafts for preschoolers are a great way to engage young children and bring their favorite characters to life. These crafts are often inspired by popular Dr. Seuss books and can be a fun and educational activity for children. Some examples of Dr. Seuss crafts for preschoolers mentioned in the article include:

  • Green Eggs and Ham Crafts: These crafts involve creating art and crafts related to the book "Green Eggs and Ham." Examples include wine cork painting to create green eggs and a paper plate craft.
  • The Cat in the Hat Crafts: These crafts are inspired by the iconic character from "The Cat in the Hat." Examples include making a hat using strips of paper, creating dot marker art, and making Thing 1 and Thing 2 puppets.
  • The Lorax Crafts: These crafts are based on the book "The Lorax" and involve creating Lorax masks, paper bag puppets, handprint crafts, and Truffula Tree paintings.
  • One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Crafts: These crafts are inspired by the book "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" and include making fish crafts using cupcake liners, handprints, and paper plates.
  • Other Fun Dr. Seuss Crafts: The article also mentions various other Dr. Seuss crafts, such as foot painting for "The Foot Book," creating a Fox in Sox inspired craft, making Wocket in My Pocket crafts, and more.

These crafts provide an opportunity for children to engage with the stories and characters from Dr. Seuss books while also developing their creativity and fine motor skills.

Please note that the information provided above is based on the content of this article.

Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Preschoolers - The Activity Mom (2024)
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