Check Out These 100th Day of School Poster Ideas for Teachers (2024)

Check Out These 100th Day of School Poster Ideas for Teachers (1)

The 100th Day of School is a time for you and your students to reflect on the school year so far and set goals for the upcoming months. For many teachers, it's also a time to celebrate the progress students have made! Below are some 100 Days of School poster board ideas for your classroom to help you do just that.

100 Days of School Poster Board Ideas

1. 100th Day Goals and Countdown

This teacher achieved a lot with this poster. The different colors helped teach her students to count by 10. At the same time, the poster allowed her to set goals with her students as they progressed closer to the 100th Day of School. What do you want your students to achieve by Day 100? You can also see on this poster that she rewarded her students for their accomplishments along the way! While this teacher bought the poster below at Target, you can easily create your own, perhaps by using Post-It Notes to count the days or by simply writing down the number of each day on poster board until you hit 100.

132 in person days with my amazing class. I wish so much I could give them a big. This was truly one VERY special bunch of the most kind, caring, hard-working students. Enjoy your summer! #spottedatLOW @LowesIslandElem

— Lauren Formella (@MrsFormella4) June 11, 2020


2. 100 Things We Love About Our Grade

This poster took a similar approach to celebrating the 100th Day of School, as it focuses on what their students loved about first grade! Instead of focusing on an entire grade, you can also choose to focus on your class, your school as a whole, or even your town or city.


3. Things the Teacher Has Said 100 Times

Do your students ever joke with you about those certain phrases you say over and over again? Turn this into a fun activity by creating a poster, just as this teacher did. And then, you can share it on social media for the world to see—and they can poke fun at you, too.


4. What Does 100 Look Like?

This teacher created a poster encouraging her students to bring in 100 of a single item in order to help them visualize what the number 100 really looks like. One hundred Cheerios will look different from 100 pretzels, which will look different from 100 pennies! Your students may be interested in the fact that even though the number of each item they brought in was the same, they each filled a different amount of space.


5. 100 Acts of Kindness

The 100th Day of School is a great opportunity to teach your students about respect. This teacher spent time with her students brainstorming 100 acts of kindness they could do to make the world a better place, keeping in mind that reaching the number 100 is no easy feat.


6. What We Know About the Number 100

What do your students know about the number 100? This can be a fun game for them while learning about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. While the example below isn't necessarily a poster, per se, it can easily be adapted into one! How many facts about 100 can you and your students add to your list?

Love getting text messages from teachers showing me the amazing things happening in their classrooms. Great work @LaurieHawkinsPS grade 3’s I love how they can see the other numbers that live inside of 100! #tvdsbmath #100daysofschool

— Melissa Hughes (@MrsHughes13) February 13, 2020


7. 100 Memories of the School Year

What are your students' favorite moments from the current school year? Divide 100 by the number of students in your class, and the answer is how many memories they each need to write on a Post-It Note for this poster (if you're doing this school year in person). Use a variety of colors and decorate the poster however you wish.


8. 100th Day of School Entrance

If your school is in person this year, you can decorate the entrance of your school or classroom so students can get excited as they start class on the 100th day. Make sure the text is big and colorful so it's readable, even from a distance.

Our grand entrance for the 100th day of school today! Hooray! #sfusd #weare100daysbrighter

— Jean Parker School (@sfusdjeanparker) February 2, 2018


We hope you enjoy celebrating the 100th Day of School with your students. Now can be a good time to honor milestones and set goals for the remainder of the school year. Posters are simple ways to do so and can add some color to your 100th day.

If you have any of your own examples of 100-day posters, email us at or reach out on Twitter (@TheTeacherRoom) or Facebook.

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