35 Groundhog Day Activities (2024)

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Embrace the whimsy of Groundhog Day with these playful ideas that promise laughs and a great time.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (1)

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Welcome to a world where shadows dance, winter lingers, and a furry friend takes the stage — it’s Groundhog Day! Have you been scratching your head looking for fun ways to celebrate? Search no more! We’ve put together a prime collection of imaginative activities to brighten those gray winter days.

Whether you’re a parent on the hunt for family enjoyment, an educator seeking engaging lessons, or a lover of all things fun, our list caters to all. Join us as we create memories that will warm your heart even on chilly days as we completely embrace the holiday’s oddities and charm.

Groundhog Day Activities for Toddlers

35 Groundhog Day Activities (2)


Paper Plate Groundhog Puppet

Crafting a paper plate groundhog puppet is a delightful activity for your toddler! Grab a plate, paint it brown, and let the little ones unleash their creativity. Instruct them to add googly eyes, a cut-out nose, and teeth and attach a craft stick for hours of shadowy play.

Here is a great example of a paper plate groundhog puppet from All Kids Network.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (3)


Paint or Color Groundhog-themed Coloring Pages

Unlock your toddler’s creativity with DIY groundhog coloring pages! Sketch adorable outlines of burrows, giggly groundhogs, and winter scenes on paper or print outlines out. Using crayons, your young artists can bring these adorable characters to life and spice up the excitement of Groundhog Day!

Here is a great example of a Groundhog-themed coloring page from Crayola.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (4)


Groundhog Day Puppets

Transform paper bags into adorable Groundhog Day puppets! Slide their little hands inside for instant fun. They’ll be putting on puppet shows and predicting the weather with this cute and interactive DIY activity. It’s easy to make and provides hours of fun.

Here is a great example of a Groundhog Day puppet from Kids Activities Blog.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (5)


Groundhog Day Shadow Play

Grab a flashlight, darken a room, and find a blank wall. Your little ones can now use their shadows to enact stories and beautiful moments. It’s a fun way to get kids involved while also commemorating Groundhog Day in a unique and engaging way.

Here is a great example of a Groundhog Day shadow play from Francis Parker School of Louisville.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (6)


Groundhog Day Song/Poem

Create a catchy Groundhog Day song or poem for the little ones! Encourage them to add simple lyrics about shadows, spring, and groundhogs. Add a playful melody and sing along as you celebrate the day in a special way.

Here is a great example of a Groundhog Day poem from Pinterest.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (7)


Groundhog Sensory Bin

Dive into sensory excitement with a Groundhog Day bin! Fill a container with brown rice, shredded paper, and more. Hide toy groundhogs and add mini shovels or buckets. Watch as toddlers explore, dig, and uncover hidden treasures while honing their fine motor skills. It’s messy, educational, and tons of fun for the little ones!

Here is a great example of a groundhog sensory bin from MPM School Supplies.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (8)


Peek-a-boo Groundhog Day Craft

Craft a peek-a-boo Groundhog Day surprise! Draw and cut out a groundhog shape from paper. Attach it to a craft stick, and then place it behind pine cones. Toddlers can pop it up and down to “hide” and “reveal” the groundhog, adding an element of fun to their celebrations.

Here is a great example of a peek-a-boo groundhog day craft from Surviving A Teacher’s Salary.


Groundhog Shadow Tag

Enjoy Groundhog Day with a playful twist shadow tag! Choose a sunny spot and instruct the little ones to chase each other’s shadows. It’s a joyful outdoor activity that brings laughter, movement, and the magic of shadows together in a delightful game!

Here is a great example of groundhog shadow tag from Joyful Parenting.

Groundhog Day Activities for Preschoolers

35 Groundhog Day Activities (10)


Dig Into Groundhog Vocabulary

Build kids’ vocabulary with a Groundhog twist! Make flashcards with terms like ‘burrow,’ ‘shadow,’ and ‘spring.’ While learning and having fun on Groundhog Day, preschoolers can play memory games, connect words to pictures, and improve their language abilities.

Here is a great example of groundhog vocabulary from Teach Starter.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (11)


Shadow Drawing

Ignite creativity with shadow drawing! Set up a light source, like a lamp, and position objects to cast shadows on paper. Kids can trace and transform shadows into imaginative artworks. It’s a hands-on way to celebrate Groundhog Day while nurturing artistic exploration!

Here is a great example of a shadow drawing from All Kids Network.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (12)


Solve and Color

Add a twist to Groundhog Day with “Solve and Color” fun! Craft simple riddles that unlock your child’s creativity as they solve them and color in the corresponding images. It’s a playful and educational twist that adds laughter and learning to the festivities!

Here is a great example of a solve and color game from TPT.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (13)


LEGO Groundhog Shadow Experiment

Combine creativity and science with the LEGO groundhog shadow experiment! Build a LEGO scene and observe how the shadows change throughout the day. It’s a hands-on and engaging activity that fuses play and learning, making Groundhog Day both entertaining and educational.

Here is a great example of a LEGO groundhog shadow experiment from JDaniel4s Mom.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (14)


Groundhog Mask

Cut out various components from colored paper or cardstock to create a groundhog mask, and instruct the kids to assemble all the elements. These masks will spark imaginative play and laughter while celebrating Groundhog Day in a fun way.

Here is a great example of a groundhog mask from Pinning with Purpose.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (15)


Groundhog Day Weather Chart

Create a captivating Groundhog Day weather chart by using a large poster board. Draw a groundhog silhouette at the center. Each day, trace and record its shadow’s length and note weather conditions. Over time, observe patterns, connecting shadow length with sunny or cloudy days for a hands-on meteorological experience.

Here is an illustration of a Groundhog weather chart reading from Pinterest.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (16)


Groundhog Hat

Show the kids how to construct a charming Groundhog Day cardboard hat by cutting a strip of cardboard to fit around their heads. Shape the cardboard into a loop and secure it with tape. Decorate it with cute groundhog drawings and celebrate the day in style with this delightful DIY creation!

Here is a great example of a Groundhog Day hat from Simply Kinder.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (17)


Groundhog Day Bingo

Create engaging Groundhog Day bingo cards by making a 5×5 grid on paper or using an online template. Replace numbers with Groundhog Day-related images or terms. Kids can take turns drawing images from a hat and crossing out the corresponding one on the bingo card. Enjoy a fun twist on a classic game!

Here’s a great example of a Groundhog Day bingo card from TPT.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (18)


Popsicle Stick Groundhogs

Grab some popsicle sticks and arrange two in a straight line, securing them with twine or glue. Kids can paint them brown and add googly eyes, a felt nose, and yarn whiskers to complete the transformation. Add paper ears, and the stick popsicle stick groundhog is ready to go!

Here is a great example of popsicle stick groundhogs from Simple Everyday Mom.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (19)


Groundhog Day Scavenger Hunt

Design an engaging Groundhog Day scavenger hunt alphabet word book. Create a series of pages with letters of the alphabet, each page designed with a groundhog-related item. Kids must search and rewrite, boosting letter recognition and holiday excitement. It’s a joyful way to blend early literacy with the holiday spirit, nurturing both learning and fun in one delightful activity!

Here is a great example of a Groundhog Day scavenger hunt from TPT.

Groundhog Day Activities for Adults

35 Groundhog Day Activities (20)


Groundhog Day Pudding Cups

Craft lovely pudding cups with a playful twist for Groundhog Day. Fill clear pudding cups with layers of chocolate pudding and crushed cookies, resembling “dirt.” Use coconut flakes and green food coloring to create the “grass.” Then, insert a baked groundhog-shaped cookie on top or plant them deep to reveal them by digging in. Yum!

Here is a great example of a Groundhog Day pudding cup from Miss Humblebee’s Academy.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (21)


Make Groundhog Toast

Start Groundhog Day with a tasty twist! Toast slices of bread and spread them with Nutella or peanut butter. Cut some toast corners for ears, a strawberry for a nose, and raisins or a blueberry for eyes. You can savor this delightful and creative breakfast while embracing the spirit of the holiday!

Here is a great example of groundhog toast from Fork and Beans.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (22)


Groundhog Day Snack Mix

Mix up Groundhog Day fun with a snack mix! Combine chocolate-covered pretzels, nuts, and mini marshmallows. Mix it up and enjoy this whimsical snack that captures the essence of the day’s celebration. You can enjoy this playful and tasty treat, celebrating the holiday with a delightful blend of flavors!

Here is a great example of a Groundhog Day snack mix from The Decorated Cookie.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (23)


Groundhog-Themed Pancakes

Flip the fun on Groundhog Day with themed pancakes! Pour pancake batter into a groundhog shape on the griddle. Decorate with raisins or blueberries for the eyes and nose. You can savor these adorable and delicious pancakes while embracing the holiday with a touch of culinary creativity and whimsy!

Here is a great example of a groundhog-themed pancake from Cooking Channel.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (24)


Groundhog Day Trivia

Gather friends for a lively Groundhog Day trivia challenge! Ask questions about shadows, predictions, and quirky facts. You can test your knowledge, share laughs, and celebrate the holiday with a dose of friendly competition and fascinating facts. It’s a great way to enjoy the day with a playful twist!

Here is a great example of Groundhog Day trivia from Studocu.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (25)


Watch Groundhog Day

Infuse your celebration with classic charm! Dive into the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day,” starring Bill Murray. Join his comical time-loop adventure, blending laughter and introspection in perfect harmony. It’s a nostalgic and entertaining way for you to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit!

A still from Murray’s 1993 movie from USA Today.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (26)


Groundhog Day Movie Location Visit

Embark on a movie-inspired adventure this Groundhog Day! Visit the charming location where the iconic film “Groundhog Day” was shot. This is a sure way to relive movie moments, explore the town, and immerse yourself in this nostalgic journey that adds a touch of cinematic magic to your holiday celebrations.

Here is a look at the Groundhog Day movie location from Atlas Obscura.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (27)


Groundhog Baking Party

Get your baking gloves on and your creative hats out for a Groundhog Day baking party! Whip up groundhog-themed treats like cupcakes and donuts to satisfy your sweet tooth! Use pretzels, berries, and small marshmallow bits to create adorable groundhog faces. You can indulge in these delightful sweets while enjoying a hands-on baking session!

Here is a great example of a groundhog baking party from Make Everyday An Event.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (28)


Groundhog Day Book Club

Gather fellow book lovers for a Groundhog Day book club extravaganza! Choose novels that explore time, seasons, or quirky adventures. You can indulge in literary discussions, share insights, and celebrate the holiday with a twist of intellectual engagement and camaraderie.

Here is a great representation of a Groundhog Day book club from Edmonton Public Library.

Groundhog Day Activities for the Whole Family

35 Groundhog Day Activities (29)


Read a Groundhog Day Story

Gather the whole family for a heartwarming Groundhog Day tradition! Choose a charming Groundhog Day-themed book and enjoy reading together. Share giggles and enjoy storytelling magic as you delve into a tale that adds a touch of literary delight to your holiday celebrations.

Here is a great example of a Groundhog Day book from Kinder Craze.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (30)


Groundhog Day Coloring Books

Celebrate Groundhog Day with a family coloring session. Select a Groundhog Day-themed book and gather your loved ones. Cozy up and take turns coloring groundhogs and other holiday-related images. Discuss shadows, weather, and predictions, fostering a memorable and educational bonding experience.

Here is a great representation of a Groundhog Day coloring session from Teaching Catholic Kids.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (31)


Groundhog Toss Game

Create a lively Groundhog toss game for spirited fun. Paint a field with several groundhogs on a board and cut out holes under each one to create different point zones. Players toss bean bags, aiming for high-scoring areas. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy Groundhog Day while having a blast with the family!

You can also buy it here on Amazon.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (32)


Groundhog Day Prediction Graph

Turn Groundhog Day into a family prediction challenge! Draw a chart with “shadow” and “no shadow” sections or print one out. Participants must predict the outcome, then record and analyze the actual result. It’s a fun way to learn while enjoying Groundhog Day festivities!

Here is a great example of a Groundhog Day prediction graph from Pinterest.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (33)


Groundhog Day Mad Libs

Enjoy a laughter-filled atmosphere with Groundhog Day mad libs. Create a story template, omitting key words. Ask players for nouns, verbs, adjectives, and more to fill in the blanks. Read the hilarious, nonsensical tale aloud and enjoy a language-rich activity that adds whimsy to your Groundhog Day celebrations.

Here’s a great example of Groundhog Day mad libs from TPT.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (34)


Family Shadow-Themed Drawing Competition

Celebrate Groundhog Day while enjoying the magic of shadows! Line up different objects to catch the light from an open window. A strip of paper placed on the floor beside them creates the perfect canvas for tracing the objects’ shadows. Take turns tracing out different shapes and see whose drawing skills are the best of the bunch.

Here is a great example of a family shadow-themed drawing competition from Kids Activities Blog.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (35)


Online Groundhog Game Competition

Gather the family virtually for an exciting Groundhog Day game competition! Explore online quizzes, puzzles, and games, all while sharing laughter and friendly rivalry. It’s a modern twist on celebrating the holiday, allowing the whole family to have fun together, even from a distance!

Here is a great example of an online Groundhog game from Search Amateur Games.

35 Groundhog Day Activities (36)


What I Know About Groundhogs

Share giggles and knowledge with the “What I Know About Groundhogs” activity! Gather the family and have each member write or draw their favorite facts about groundhogs. Share and learn, turning Groundhog Day into an educational and enjoyable experience for everyone, where learning and laughter go hand in hand!

Here is a great example of “What I Know About Groundhogs” from Unique Teaching Resources.

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