100th Day of School Ideas (2024)

It has been a busy year with your kids in the classroom. You’ve been working hard, learning, and growing, and deserve to celebrate this milestone. These 100th day of school ideas are filled with fun activities, lessons, and inspiration that you can use. And the best part is that we included easy yet fun activities in a free printable which you can download at the bottom of this blog post.

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FAQs about the 100th Day of School

What is the 100th Day of School?

This holiday was started in 1979 by a teacher, Lynn Taylor. Her idea was to help children understand the lesson of the number 100. Today, it is a large part of classroom culture and symbolizes a celebration of your student’s achievements for the school year in a fun way. The event focuses on the number 100 and helps develop a child’s number sense and math skills for numbers up to 100. Beyond the math activities, there are 100th day activities like performing acts of kindness, making a 100th day of school shirt , writing prompts, and hands-on activities that all relate to the number 100.

When is the 100th Day of School 2024 celebrated?

The date will vary depending on each school and State. Most schools begin in mid-August to early September, so the 100th day would be in February or even early March.

Refer to your teaching calendar to calculate the exact day that the 100th Day of School falls on.

How do children celebrate the 100th day of school?

There are so many different ways! We’re going to do a deep dive into all the many fun ways, so keep reading!

Here’s more on 100 days of school: Why and how the day is celebrated.

100th Day of School Activities and Printables

You have had 100 days of learning, growing and succeeding. Now you need to gather up the motivation to finish the rest of the year in the same spirit!

It’s up to you how to celebrate this milestone! We’ve created a list of the best, easy, cost-effective, and enjoyable 100 days of school ideas your students will love. Here are the materials we use to prepare our printable activities for kids.

1. 100th Day Activities Pack

This free 100th day activities pack is filled with 100th Day of School ideas and is loved by teachers and kids alike! Download your free printable at the bottom of this blog post, which includes the following:

Counting Activities

100th Day of School Ideas (2)

The six-year-olds in my classroom loved this! Counting is a big part of the 100 days celebration so sometimes, we ask the kids to bring 100 small items like gumballs, cereal pieces like fruit loops or cheerios, marshmallows, pom poms, buttons, chocolate chips, googly eyes, goldfish, pennies pretzels, grapes or popcorn to pair with this printable.

You can use these in so many activities! Plus when the kids are done, the food items double as snacks!

Coloring Activities

100th Day of School Ideas (3)

Other ideas for 100 days of school are these no-prep Color By Number and Color By Shape worksheets, which enhance many essential skills. I highly recommend using them in the morning if you have a long school day, or as a winding down activity. You can download more free color by number printables here.

100th-day trail mix

100th Day of School Ideas (4)

Combine pretzels, goldfish, and any other treats the kids want to add to this worksheet. It’s a great hands-on way to show multiplications of 10, doubling up as a treat for 100th day of school ideas.


100th Day of School Ideas (5)

There are tons of ways to learn about numbers, but learning through playing games is my favorite technique. Children learn more when they’re relaxed and having fun. All you need is a dice to get started!


100th Day of School Ideas (6)

Imagination and visualization is an important skill for children. This activity will allow them to explore the concept of aging. What does being 100 years old look like to them? How do they imagine it?

The fun doesn’t end here! Check out more 100 day ideas below.

2. 100th Day Color By Number

100th Day of School Ideas (7)

These color-by-number pages are simply perfect ways to enjoy your celebration with students.

Coloring is still every teacher’s favorite no-fuss activity. The kids are happy and so are we! Vary the coloring materials to make it fun, or let the kids frame their images with 100 stickers, buttons, or whatever bits and bobs you have! Put them up on a wall; they’ll add more vibrancy to your classroom! I always say that no child colors the same, so every artwork is an original.

3. 100 Acts of Kindness

100th Day of School Ideas (8)

Focus on kindness this 100th day of school by doing 100 kind activities. The kids will be 100 days smarter and 100 days kinder.

A big part of being an educator is teaching Social-Emotional Learning. This means teaching them how to deal with their emotions, positively navigate relationships, and understand the concepts of empathy, compassion, and kindness. This will also ensure that our classrooms are safe, healthy spaces where children can express themselves freely and positively. Challenge the kids to do as many acts as they can, and even if 100 days pass, to keep going!

4. 100 Writing Prompts

100th Day of School Ideas (9)

The 100 days writing prompts are great for discussions and suitable for all ages. They are based on the book If the World Were A Village, so it might be fun to browse through the book with your students before or after the activity.

It poses the question ‘If the world were 100 people what…” and the prompts follow. This allows kids to channel their creative thinking and understand unique thoughts about the world as we know it. Remind your students that the 100 people represent the entire world, not just the United States.

5. 100 Object Coloring Page

100th Day of School Ideas (10)

100 object coloring page
incorporates counting and working on those fine motor skills too. Here are the objects that the kids have to color in:

  • tape dispenser
  • crayon
  • apple
  • pencil
  • glue stick

What I love about this activity is that the items are easily found in a classroom. If you play a game of I Spy, the kids could also identify these in their immediate surroundings. When we include everyday objects in the kids’ tasks, we build associations, improving their working and long-term memory!

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I'm a seasoned educator with a deep understanding of classroom dynamics and educational milestones. My expertise in curriculum development and student engagement has been honed through years of practical experience and continuous learning. I have a passion for creating innovative and enjoyable learning experiences for students, and I stay updated with the latest educational trends and best practices.

100th Day of School

The 100th Day of School is a significant milestone in the academic calendar, celebrated to mark the achievements and progress of students throughout the school year. This tradition, which originated in 1979 by a teacher named Lynn Taylor, is designed to help children understand the concept of the number 100 and its significance. It serves as a fun and engaging way to develop children's number sense and math skills for numbers up to 100. The celebration goes beyond math activities and includes various other activities such as acts of kindness, creating a 100th day of school shirt, writing prompts, and hands-on activities related to the number 100.

Date of Celebration

The date for the 100th Day of School in 2024 varies depending on each school and state. Most schools begin their academic year in mid-August to early September, so the 100th day is typically celebrated in February or early March. Educators are advised to refer to their teaching calendar to calculate the exact day for the 100th Day of School.

Activities and Printables

To make the 100th Day of School celebration memorable, a variety of activities and printables can be incorporated into the classroom. These include:

  1. Counting Activities: Engage students in counting 100 small items like gumballs, cereal pieces, marshmallows, buttons, or other small objects, which can also double as snacks.
  2. Coloring Activities: Utilize color-by-number and color-by-shape worksheets to enhance essential skills and provide a relaxing activity for students.
  3. 100th-Day Trail Mix: Create a hands-on activity using pretzels, goldfish, and other treats to demonstrate multiplications of 10, serving as a treat for the 100th day of school.
  4. Games: Incorporate games to make learning about numbers more engaging and enjoyable for students.
  5. Self-Portrait: Encourage students to explore the concept of aging by imagining and visualizing what being 100 years old looks like to them.
  6. 100 Acts of Kindness: Focus on promoting kindness by engaging students in 100 kind activities, fostering social-emotional learning and positive classroom environments.
  7. 100 Writing Prompts: Use writing prompts based on the book "If the World Were A Village" to stimulate creative thinking and unique perspectives about the world.
  8. 100 Object Coloring Page: Provide an activity where students color 100 objects commonly found in a classroom, promoting counting and fine motor skills development.


The 100th Day of School is a special occasion that not only celebrates academic achievements but also fosters creativity, kindness, and social-emotional learning among students. By incorporating a range of engaging activities and printables, educators can make this milestone a memorable and enriching experience for their students.

100th Day of School Ideas (2024)
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